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Spiritual Reatreats in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Explore Bhutan Come with us to Bhutan, a magical country where the people, their strong Buddhist traditions and their reverence for nature are all tightly and uniquely linked. Within moments of your arrival, you become aware of a tranquility and ease in the Bhutanese people, fostered by official government policies that focus on personal happiness. If you long for an adventure in a place where the sacred, the mystical and the natural worlds are one inseparable heritage, Bhutan is for you. Learn why so many Western travelers insist that no other country left them with such a lasting sense of inner peace.

2014 Featured Trips
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Trek to Bhutan 2013Jomolhari Mountain Trek / 14 days / September 30-October 13, 2014

$5,580 all inclusive- based on double occupancy

Explore the Himalayas and discover cultural highlights in Paro and Thimphu, Bhutan. We'll start with three fun day hikes to acclimatize and explore, followed by eight days on the Jomolhari Trek.


Travel to Bhutan 2013The Peaceful Kingdom: A Personal Journey & Cultural Tour
14 days / November 2-15, 2014

$5,580 all inclusive- based on double occupancy.

Explore Bhutan on this 14-day personal journey and cultural tour. Immerse yourself in rich traditions, explore nature, hike at a moderate level in the Himalayas, and visit the country's cultural highlights including the Black-Necked Crane Festival.

Jomolhari Mountain Trek (14-Day TREK)


Explore the Himalayas on a Jomolhari Mountain Trek

September 30-October 13, 2014


Bhutan 2013


For those interested in connecting with the Himalayas, we offer our 14-day Jomolhari Mountain Trek.

We'll start our journey off with three fun day hikes to acclimatize and explore cultural highlights in Paro and Thimphu. Next, we will spend eight days on the Jomolhari Trek.




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The Peaceful Kingdom: A Personal Journey & Cultural Tour


Explore Bhutan on this 14-day personal journey

September 30-October 13, 2014


Bhutan 2012This 14-day tour takes us well beyond the typical tourist itinerary. It combines at least three superb hikes and visits to some of Bhutan's most cherished temples and monasteries. We will take day hikes in the middle Himalaya, enjoy a festival devoted to the sacred Black-Necked Crane, learn about the tremendous diversity of Bhutan's orchids from an expert, search a riverbank for the world's second-largest heron with an ornithologist, camp at a remote hot spring, and visit several Dzongs or fortified monasteries, including the spectacular Gasa Dzong. Each day allows you to experience and photograph this long-isolated country and its exceptionally friendly people without any restrictions. Your leaders are expert guides, biologists and teachers, each with prior travel experience in Bhutan, who have teamed up with one of Bhutan's most respected guides to provide you with a true "personal journey of a lifetime".


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Our Experienced Guides

Cathy Shill guides tours in BhutanCathy Shill is an acclaimed leader of the natural world. In 1989, she created The Hole Hiking Experience in Jackson, Wyoming. Her company reaches thousands of people each year to inspire with nature through lively interpretation. The trips are fun and engaging and clients are given the opportunity to connect to natural processes, wildlife, and learn innate natural connections. She is a dynamic leader and has inspired children, executives, and shared "ah-ha" moments with anyone who has a desire to learn. She has toured with Walt Disney, Phizer Corporation, Jansport, Carlson Companies, Young Presidents Organization, Mars, IBM, MCI, Atlantic-Bruecke, University of Wyoming, Shell, and many more. Cathy has travelled to Kilimanjaro, the Galapagos Islands, Italy, New Zealand, Nepal, India and Bhutan to pursue natural exploration and cultural experiences. She enjoys the synergy of life found by balance. Her interests include meditation, yoga, qi gong, and a universal connection to all life.


Kinley guides tours in BhutanKinlay Gyaltshen is a descendent of the famous Wang Clan of Bhutan. He has 18 years years experience in travel industry, is a certified & licensed guide of the Bhutan Department of Tourism and has 12 years experience in management of Bhutan tours with premier US-based travel service firms. He has guided ambassadors, artists, the very wealthy and the not-so-wealthy on cultural tours, treks, and customized nature tours all over Bhutan. His deep connection with Bhutan's rich Buddhist traditions, combined with a commitment to first-rate service, an outstanding sense of humor, and perfect English make Kinlay one of the finest guides in the country.