Find solitude in Grand Teton National Park

Women's Trips

Take a tour into the Park during the winter months on snowshoes or cross-country skis. The views, wildlife and serenity will leave you with a memory of a lifetime.



The Divine Hiker





Clothing & Gear The high elevation mountains and valleys of Wyoming and Idaho can have below freezing, windy weather even in July and August.  For your comfort and safety please follow this list carefully. If you have questions, don't hesitate to consult with us. Be sure to bring your camera.


Day Trips



We provide: Naturalist or biologist guide, transportation, bottled water, snacks or lunch, binoculars, guidebooks, butterfly nets, complimentary children's activity book for all youngsters, backpacks, fanny packs, rain ponchos, and water filters.

You bring: An extra warm upper layer in case temperatures get cool while you are in the mountains. Be sure to wear sturdy hiking shoes or at least a tennis shoe with a good tread. We provide rain ponchos but if you are planning an all day trip, personal rain gear is nice to bring.



We will snowshoe or hike based on snow level. Be sure to dress in layered clothing and expect varied temperatures and weather. Sturdy hiking shoes or waterproof boots are recommended.



We provide: Naturalist or biologist guide, transportation, snowshoes, gaiters, walking poles, bottled water and warm beverages, snacks or lunch.

You bring: Hat, gloves and neck gaiter. Be sure to dress in layered clothing with a waterproof outer layer. Wear warm, waterproof boots if snowshoeing. Boots and clothing can be rented locally. Please inquire.



overnight Trips


Backpacking Equipment List

-hiking boots
-sneakers or comfortable shoes for camp
-2 to 4 pairs socks:  Polypro, wool, etc. no cotton:  one pair per day
-pants of wool, polypro long johns, synchilla, etc.
-loose cotton trousers (optional)
-lighter tee or long sleeved shirt
-sun hat or visor
-3 warm layers upper body:  sweaters, shirts, vests and jackets. Please no cotton, only synthetics, wool or down.
-balaclava (warmer) or stocking cap
-wool or polypro gloves - no cotton or leather
-waterproof rain parka with hood, no ponchos
-rain pants or wind pants
-lightweight wind shirt, optional but handy
-sunglasses with safety cord
-head lamp (best choice) or flashlight with extra bulb and batteries
-camp chair, Crazy Creek preferred, optional but handy


Miscellaneous and Personal Gear Suggestions

-water bottle or camelback for personal hydration
-insect  repellent and bug netting
-handkerchief / bandanna
-pocket  knife
-lip balm with sunscreen
-camera and film
-pack cover for rain, optional, or stuff gear in plastic bags and Ziploc's
-gaiters, optional, but nice for creek crossings, snow and mud
-Personal grooming: toothbrush, hair brush, etc.
-small first aid with Moleskin or Spenco 2nd Skin for blisters, some tape, Band aids, aspirin


Inn-based Equipment List

Be prepared for various temperature and bring non-cotton hiking layers
-Shorts or hiking pants
-lighter tee or long sleeved shirt
-Rain coat and pants
-Comfortable hiking socks
-waterproof hiking boots
-sunhat or visor
-ski hat and gloves (especially in spring and fall)